Best Worse Movie Review

There is something magical about a truly awful film. Therefore it wasn’t a hard sell to get me to watch ‘Best Worse Movie’ the inside story of ‘Troll 2’. ‘Best Worse Movie’ chronicles the reactions of starring actors upon discovering that that the truly awful film they made two decades ago has become an underground cult hit.

Overall I enjoyed it. The first half of the film was both heart warming and funny as people’s reactions and enjoyment of a truly bad film were revealed. This was heightened for me because, I had never seen ‘Troll 2’ and so the hilariously bad dialogue was all new to me. There was also a tinge of sadness and disbelief at meeting the director of ‘Troll 2’, Claudio Fragasso, who was firmly convinced that he had made a classic that audiences were rediscovering and not just laughing at a bad movie. In the second half of the documentary however, the jokes began to wear off a bit and the film descended into padding to fill out the running time. So in the end whilst I would recommend it I just wish that ‘Best Worse Movie’ had been an hour long tv documentary rather than a cinematic release. If it had been it would have been a five star tv show rather than a three and a half star film.


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