Review – The Last Stand

This might be the blandest film I have ever seen. Despite being an action film there is almost nothing to excite or interest the viewer. Even when bullets are ripping holes through bodies there is no excitement although I will accept that the blood splatter effects are mildly fun to look at.

Whenever Arnie’s on screen things take a turn for the worse. The film moves from blandness to being both bland and slightly depressing. Whatever you think of Arnie’s film career at least he was always a presence on screen; even if it was one that couldn’t act. In this film Arnie has no presence and looks every one of his sixty odd years. Watching him on screen is an uncomfortable experience. Sadly Arnie is not helped out by his co-star Chevrolet who seems to be dragged down by the script much as it was in Michael Bay’s Transformers.

I would not recommend this film to anyone. It doesn’t even get so bad its good. It’s just dull.


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