Crazy Targets

“Set your goals high , and don’t stop till you get there”

Those are wise words Bo Jackson. I wholeheartedly support them. Goals are important. For there is after all nothing sadder than a goal that is missed. As a young whippersnapper I had a goal. A dream if you will. I dreamed of world where I would be able to complete a full lap on Crazy Taxi arcade mode.

Many, many, many an hour I spent labouring on this Herculean task racking up hundreds of thousands of pounds of virtual property damage and many a time I came close. But success always eluded me. The game conspired against me, its virtual denizens stabbed me in the back time and time again. Time passed and with weary heart I set aside my goal of Crazy Taxi completion. I abandoned my dreams and instead focused on trifling matters such as exams and drinking.

My goal escaped me but now I have been offered a second chance technology has marched forward and delivered onto my Kindle Crazy Taxi. Now I vow to thee that a train, bus ride or spare moment will not pass until my goal of completing a full lap has been achieved or my Kindle has been smashed into a million tiny little pieces in a fit of righteous rage.


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