Sherlock ‘The Empty Hearse’ Review (Spoiler Freeish!)

As I said I am attempting to keep this spoiler free but it is possible that certain things might be given away. So I would just like to stress in the incredibly unlikely possibility you are reading (or about to read) a review of a show that you haven’t yet watched then you should STOP!

Okay with that out of the way let us begin.

Considering the build up for this show I had high expectations. I can happily say they were met. I loved the way they dealt with the ‘mystery’ of how Sherlock survived his fall in the last episode. Thinking about this beforehand I thought that the writers has backed themselves into a corner where they could not possibly hope to satisfy the fans. By playing the crazy fan theory side of things up however what I thought would be a weakness in the story became a massive strength.

The biggest strength of this episode however were the relationships between Sherlock and others; mainly John though of course. The interactions between Sherlock and the other characters were heartwarmingly funny throughout and really carried the episode along. So much so that the main plot of a massive terrorist attack in London was almost incidental. Still the mystery element more than held its own and looking back on the episode I kicked myself for not picking up on some of the subtle clues. But this is how it should be with a good detective story

Overall 4.5 stars out of five


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