Review of Heir of Novron by Michael J Sullivan

I enjoyed the conclusion to the Riyria Revelation but with hindsight I’m not sure the last book (book 6) was quite as good as the previous ones. I am giving this four stars but I’m rounding it up from three and three quarters.

The first book ‘Wintertide’ was for me the best in the collection. Everyone got to do that which they do best. Hadrian fight, Arista do magic etc but the conclusion really subverted my expectations.

The second book was pretty much typical of the fantasy genre with the same sort of scenes playing themselves out that anyone who has read an epic quest will be familiar with. It was enjoyable enough however, I especially enjoyed how the book burner got his just deserts. I had characters/people that destroy knowledge.

I was however disappointed with the final fight scene. With Joe Abercrombie writing such fantastically gritty one on one battles and the Wheel of Time having a really emotional one in the last book I felt that Hadrian’s fight with the elf just wasn’t up to standard.

Overall though I enjoyed the book and would fully recommend the series. You can read more from me at


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