Review of Sherlock ‘The Sign of Three’ (spoiler free)

If the first episode of the third season was really about the characters around Sherlock. How they reacted to his return. What they did whilst he was ‘dead’. This episode was about Sherlock and how this version of Sherlock has developed as a character.

Sherlock may have referred to himself as a ‘high functioning sociopath’ at least twice (maybe more I wasn’t counting) in this episode but it was made quite clear that becoming friends with Watson and interacting more with others has begun to change him in dramatic yet subtle ways.

As the fantastic inside Sherlock’s head sequences showed brilliantly he is beginning to take to heart, or perhaps more appropriately for Sherlock, to head the mantra that no man is an island. Many years of reading fiction and other sitting on my rear end have taught me that this change is likely to lead to at least some temporary suffering for Sherlock and those around him. I fear for the delightfully clever wife of Watson whose name right now escapes me.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode far more than I did the last one primarily because I thought that along with the character development this episode also managed to come up with a much better mystery. One which kept me genuinely wondering what was going on. The murder weapon reveal was one of the best I have seen in a good long time.

Lastly(ish) this episode continued with the fast paced humour that the previous one had done so well. Some of Sherlock’s lines, particularly those in his wedding speech, were hilarious. I especially enjoyed Sherlock’s opinion that God was a lie made up to give the family idiot a career opportunity.

I’d give it 4.5 stars out of five. I’m eagerly awaiting the next episode.


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