Review Fake or Fortune


One of the TV best programs currently being made its return this Sunday. I’m not talking about Sherlock or the rather dull looking reboot of The Three Musketeeers. I’m talking about BBC’s ‘Fake or Fortune’ presented by Fiona Bruce with art expert Phillip Mould. In this show the presenters try to prove the provenience of a piece of art.

In the past they have tackled paintings by Monet and other great artists. In this episode they are trying to prove the authenticity of an oval painting by artist Edouard Vuillard whose work ‘Le Grande Teddy’ is the image for this post and features heavily in the episode.

Now I know nothing about art. I couldn’t tell a Matisse from a Van Gogh. This show is great though. Watching it is like watching a real-life murder mystery (minus the bodies of course) unfold as the show chases the history of a work down through the rabbit hole of rumour and intrigue.

Is the alleged Vuillard be authentic and worth a fortune or is it a fake? I won’t ruin the surprise.

I can’t recommend this show enough. If you’ve missed it or are from outside the UK it is worth tracking down.


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