Review of Fake or Fortune Episode 2 Constable


Episode 2 of this season’s Fake or Fortune focused on not one but two paintings which might be Constables. One Constable belongs to an old English Lady and the other belongs to a retired American couple living in the Detroit Suburbs. Each has an interesting back-story. One having potential links to known friends of Constable. The other having at one time being thought of as an authentic Constable and being owned by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts before then falling from the warm embrace of the Catalogue Raisonne.

I thought this episode was better than the previous episode which seemed to meander as there was a lack of content to fill the episode. This episode however managed to provide insight into Constable’s artistic process as it broke down just how Constable approached painting by sketching the scene before hand and utilising a grid system. That part of the show was particularly interesting especially given how Phillip Gould traced the alleged Constables to authentic Constables by showing how the alleged paintings fit into Constable’s known manner of working.

Added to this were the human elements such as the 19th century painter and dentist who also ‘touched up’ Constables’ in order to make them more sale-able.

Overall a very enjoyable painting detective story. Recommended.


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