Review Season 5 Episode 3 : Archer Vice : A Debt of Honour (Spoilers!!!)

Cokey Monster

Cokey Monster

So despite Mallory’s comments at the end of episode one it turns out that setting yourself up as a drug cartel isn’t that easy. I guess those Mexican’s know a thing or two (just in case it isn’t obvious I’m paraphrasing the show here not making crudely stereotypical statement about race. Although those Irish.)

After debacle down in Florida the Archer drug clan are down 2 kilo’s of cocaine (not including whatever Pam ‘The Cokey Monster’ Poovey has gobbled down) and have $1 million of counterfeit money.

Don’t worry though because whilst Cyril is searching for the “Scrooge McDuckian Vault” and Archer and Lana are buying guns and bullets Pam has swapped the counterfeit money for some highly tradeable commodities.

What’s that? The phone is ringing. I wonder who it could be?

Oh it’s the Yukuza. They want their pills (I don’t think I can spell Amphetamines, but there goes spell check making me a liar again) back plus since it’s a debt of honour Pam’s head.

Yep, it’s a great set up for a highly enjoyable episode of Archer. Not only did I enjoy the plot of this episode much more than the last one, but I also thought the jokes hit home more.

No doubt in part this is because the trailer from the end of episode 1 seemed to have far fewer clips from this episode than it did the second.

Highlights from this episode include the insights into the Tunt family history. Such as the uncle who bankrupted himself digging for the Underground Railroad so he could sell slaves back to the South in 1890 and the great grandad who filled the natural history museum with all the animals.

The standout bits however, go to the increasing number of visual gags that they seem to be including in this season. Little body language bits that really add an extra dimension to things.

“What kind of Mother do you want to be Lana?” Mallory says whilst nudging her with a glass full of scotch.

So overall this was an immensely enjoyable episode of Archer Vice. I’d give it an A- or  4 and 3/4 floor model Cadillacs filled with pills (didn’t make me a liar that time did you spell check)


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