Review of Edge of Tomorrow (SPOILER KLAXON)

So In keeping with my quest to populate this blog with nothing but the most up to date of morsels of film entertainment I bring to you my review of the Edge of the Tomorrow which is still hanging in there on the big screen.

When I first saw the trailer for “Edge of Tomorrow” I dismissed the film as being firmly in the “do not see” camp. The trailer was poor and Tom Cruise films tend to be far more miss than hit.

How did I end up writing this review then?

A large amount of the reason was word of mouth buzz. People kept telling me it was very good.

The clincher though was when I learnt that Tom Cruises character (Cage) is initially at least an incompetent jerk. Typically, with your big stars they play the same perfect character everytime. There may be a token flaw like alcoholism or (the good old standby) they just caring too damn much but in reality they are just playing the same perfect protagonist every time. Or if they are Nicolas Cage the same crazy protagonist every time.

Edge of Tomorrow doesn’t fall into this trap though. Cruise’s character is a liar and a coward. He ends up on the frontlines very much against his will and spends the first quarter of the film attempting the wriggle out of it.

This then sets up what is the key strength of the film Cage’s character arch in which he actually grows and changes throughout the film.

Combine this character arch with a well written script and action/CGI that borrows heavily from sci-fi classics like “Dune”, “Final Fantasy 7”, “The Matrix” and “Starship Troopers” and you have a winner.

In truth there is nothing ground breaking about Edge of Tomorrow but it does what it does very well with minimal saccharine Hollywood rubbish. Plus any film that heartlessly and brutally executes Tom Cruise over and over again is a winner in my book.

I’ve seen most of the big sci-fi/blockbuster releases this year and I would say that Edge of Tomorrow is better than any of them. Do you agree? Vote for you favourite below.


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