Batman: Under The Red Hood

Batman under the red hood poster.jpg

As opposed to doing anything productive I spent last night watching the DC animated film Batman: Under The Red Hood. Although not a comic book reader myself a steady diet of DC and Marvel cartoons growing up and the current wave of superhero films means that like almost everyone else I am familiar with the main players Batman, Spiderman, the Joker etc. I found the film to be really enjoyable. The plot is interesting and wacky enough to hold the attention and the Joker is exactly the sort of mad anarchist that was so enjoyable to watch in the Dark Knight. On top of this the score and character voices were fantastic and really added something to the experience. It comes to something when it is easier to understand the words of a cartoon then most of the actors in mainstream Hollywood films.

As someone who is not a huge comic book fan I would highly recommend this.

Welcome (some entirely non-essential instructions about reading this blog)

The writer. I'll let you decide whether I'm Harry Potter or Daniel Radcliffe

The writer. I’ll let you decide whether I’m Harry Potter or Daniel Radcliffe

You know writing an interesting welcome page isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do so why don’t you just imagine that this blog is filled with all the things that you find most interesting on the internet (excluding boobs).

Provided that the things you find most interesting are reviews of films, books and the occasional post about sports then this is the place you. If you aren’t interested in any of those things though you should read this blog anyway because, it will make you richer, more intelligent and more attractive*.

If the above doesn’t convince you to read you may wish to consult a doctor about your sanity. If you have done this and the doctor has affirmed you are sane though but are in need of some more specifics about what is actually going to be posted then here it is.

You can expect a steadyish diet of blockbuster movie reviews (these may or may not be mostly superhero related don’t blame me blame Hollywood), the goodreads widget should give you some clue about what books I am going to be reviewing. And finally I am going to be posting up a reread of the Discworld series and a rewatch of the Farscape series in the near future i.e. when I get over my mild Mario Kart 8 addiction or more likely smash my controller in frustration at being beaten by seven year old kids again. Damn you red shell!

This is going to hurt!

This is going to hurt!

*Some parts of the above text may be lies. Not the kind of lies that send you to hell, but lies nonetheless.